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What people are saying

Marisol M.

I have been working with Ursula Nancy Valencia and Alissa Parker of Flex RX for the past year. What I have accomplished with their guidance is far beyond any of my original expectations. They have been there for me every step of the way to provide professional, thorough, and prompt guidance customized for my specific needs and goals. They have provided individualized workouts and clean diet menus. My serious health issues are all but gone as a result. To know me today, you would never guess who I was a year ago. The price they charge is fair and far less than what I paid at the gym for a personal trainer and the service they provide far exceeds anything provided by the personal trainer at the gym. These ladies have the knowledge and experience; are professional and listen to my questions and concerns. They have walked the walk and talked the talk. Now, when I am at the gym people are asking me for advice or ask me about the workouts I am doing. I can’t tell you what that has done for my self esteem. Ursula and Alissa know what they are doing and you will too if you bring them in to your fitness life. If you are ready to work, you will not be disappointed.

Beth B.

Hiring Alissa Parker as my coach was the best decision I’ve made on my fitness journey. Alissa’s knowledge and experience in the fitness industry are invaluable. Her pragmatic and balanced approach to nutrition has allowed me to reach my fitness goals and still maintain my family lifestyle. I’ve learned how to keep my health a priority, even while achieving success in bodybuilding, despite the huge demands that are placed on your body. I would recommend Alissa to anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels, whether it’s for weight loss, building muscle or transforming their body.

Jason G.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ursula while on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. From the moment I met Ursula, she opened up her heart to me and my family! I was 303 Lbs. that day. When I asked her for help, she looked right in my eyes and said, “Don’t you call me unless you want help!” 7 months later, with Ursula’s, tough love, and guidance, I had lost over 70 lbs. and 8 pant sizes! Most importantly, I had gained a great friend and mentor!

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