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Training, nutrition and presentation are key elements to consider when planning to compete. The discipline and commitment that goes into training and dieting should also go into posing, suit choice and overall presentation. We’ve helped many competitors tie all of these components together and bring their best physique to the stage. We’ve coached competitors in all different federations such as NPC, OCB, INBA, AAU and others. We’ve been there, we’ve helped many others get there, and we can help you too!

Competition Preparation

Custom training and nutrition program designed to transform your body and mind for competition.

Nutrition for Competition

Custom contest diet & nutritional guidelines designed to bring out your best possible physique on show day.


Peak Week & Reverse Diet

Peak Week and Reverse Diets are an integral part of every good competiton plan. FlexRx proudly includes these in every plan.

FlexRx Competition Prep

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned competitor, we focus on what you need to get you ready for competition.

Customized Competition Prep Coaching Program


What’s Included:
Custom Contest Diet Guidelines
Custom Training & Cardio Schedule
Weekly Check-Ins & Feedback
Peak Week & Reverse Diets
Unlimited Email & Messaging Support
Up-front discounts and payment plans available
Coaching for NPC, OCB, INBA, AAU +
No Supplements required
Additional fees apply if you want on-site coaching the day of your show.

If yes, what division

If yes, what federation

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Heather P.

Working mother of two, Age 37

“You’re amazing and you changed my life”

Alissa helped me prep for my first figure show in 2015. She made the process personable & enjoyable. After stepping on stage for the first time, it became an addiction. With each show I did, I looked and placed better each time. Alissa making sure to be by my side the whole way. Hands down Alissa is an amazing coach. She is realistic, passionate and extremely knowledgeable about everything fitness. She truly is in it for your best interest. She isn’t just my coach but she’s become a great friend.

Hannah N.

Ursula has helped me tremendously in my bodybuilding career. Her coaching is hands on,  personal and honest. Her understanding of prep and our bodies in transition is like nothing I’ve ever seen. She not only has the knowledge but can apply it to her clients in an effective manner that gets results. Thank you so much for all your guidance!

Rebecca N.

I cannot thank Alissa enough for how she supported and guided me to success as a figure competitor! She is an expert in every aspect of competition from the training, to posing, nutrition/diet, suit selection, makeup, etc. Her approach to competition prep is realistic and practical, which kept me moving toward my goal in a sane and focused way. The transformation by body went through was amazing and I was so glad I had her as my competition coach! Her plan and my effort created a winning combination that I will always remember.

Christine H.