The FlexRx LITE Online Training Program

An online training experience in our workout app

A fitness and nutrition plan you can do on your own time in our workout app! Workout anywhere, anytime while tracking & logging your stats & your progress. Get a meal plan with recipes along with community support within the workout app.

What you will get:
• In-App training
• Meal plan with recipes
• New resistance training program every 4 weeks
• Optional cardio guidance
• Recipes tailored to your plan
• Log & track weekly progress
• In-app messaging
• Video demo with each exercise assigned
• Community support

Just $47/month


We customize your macros with proteins, fats and carbs that you enjoy so you are satisfied and fueled to meet your goals.


Eating vegan doesn’t have to be complicated! We customize your vegan nutrition plan with ingredients to fit your macros and get you results!


Your Paleo meal plan is customized with whole and unprocessed foods including lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as your prefer.


Do you have special dietary needs? Food allergies or restrictions? We can tailor your meal plan to whatever you prefer or require!