Introducing Trainer In Your Pocket PLUS

A revolutionary way to get our services on YOUR terms!

TIYP PLUS is a custom online training & nutrition program designed to give you instant access to your personal trainer right on your phone. It can be tough to get to a trainer when you have a busy schedule. TIYP eliminates that issue and lets you control how and when you get your coaching. It’s like having your trainer in your pocket!



Based on your specific needs and goals, we customize your training & nutrition program and deliver through an app. The app provides instant access to detailed instructions on the meals and the exercise routines developed just for you. Easy to follow video examples of exercises are provided as well as a food swap list.



As you log your workout sessions, what you eat & drink, upload progress pictures and measurements and enter everything in one place, we are personally notified and provide feedback to keep you on track. We can add specific notes to your workouts and even to each exercise so you get our personal instruction every step of the way.



Get additional support and encouragement from our private Facebook group. Share stories, photos and progress with others going through the program as well as get inspiration, recipes, tips and more!

Trainer In Your Pocket PLUS Online Training

TIYP PLUS – Training & Nutrition:
• Customized Training Splits
• Customized Cardio Schedule
• Customized Nutrition
• Weekly Check-Ins
• Private FB Group Access
• Unlimited Messaging Support

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Trainer In Your Pocket BASIC

TIYP Basic – Training ONLY:
• Customized Training Splits
• Customized Cardio Schedule
• Weekly Check-Ins
• Private FB Group Access
• Unlimited Messaging Support

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Online fitness coaching in our FlexRx Workout app

Get instant access to your online fitness & nutrition program right from your phone.

• Busy schedule?
• No time for a personal trainer?
• Not sure what to eat?

We can help! Get our training & nutrition services on your time! You control your fitness schedule and access your program anytime, anywhere.

Ursula Valencia & Alissa Parker, co-owners and fitness coaches at FlexRx Fitness, are proud to offer online training, custom meal plans, contest prep and more, all through our amazing workout app. Find out how we can help YOU today!

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